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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  May 17, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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just about 5:00 a.m. good morning, everyone, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. let's begin with a look at your forecast and your commute. melissa mollet is standing by with your first 4 traffic. >> wwi begin storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. he's got the maps fired up this morning. what are you looking at? >> we're watching for a chance of thunderstorms. not only this morning but again later on in the afternoon. so not declaring a steamtorium weather alert just yet, but just know that we may have to go into weather alert mode later in the day today. already an impressive clustf thunderstorms rolling into western west virginia. the direction on the first cluster should carry it down to our south and west. however, as oftentimes happens when the storm clusters guy bow, it leaves outflow boundaries. boundaries of different air masses. those oftentimes end up being the focus for later thunderstorm ances. nice and mild this morning. an afternoon thunderstorm chance
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is there. some could be strong. agai stay here with nbc washington. doug will be around in the afternoon shows to keep you posted, as well. starting out mostly in the 50s. >> westbound 70 near east street. truck lost a load of gravel. o we have a little bit of a slowdown there as they try to clean that up. you can get by, it's just a little bit iffy there in the westbound lanes. 270 nohbound, southbound, no complaints right now. live look, 395 at duke street, an earlier crash has cleared out of the way. everything looks good 395
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northbound and southbound near duke. aon? >> all aright. you. 5:02. new details in a disturbing story out of pregnaof princetye coun. the body in a riverdale creek was that of 14-year-old girl. >> three teens are charged with the brutal killing. justin finch is live outside of police headquarters with more on why police believe the girl was killed. justin? >> reporter: good ngmor a young life lost. three others ruined. prince george's cowty police revealing that body found wednesday morning appears to be part of a gang-related crime cover-up. we now have a look at that victim, just 14 years old. her name is ariana funes-diaz of adelphi, maryland. police say sheas likely lured to her death last month by as many as four people that she knew. and we do have a look at three of thoseeople now charged with murder. bladensbu
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bladensburg, maryland, josue fuentes-ponce, joel escobar, and cynthia hernandez-nucamendi, they and a fourth suspect drove arina to woods in riverdale off 64th avenue on april 18th. that would be the day after they say the four suspects allegedly took part in aobbery in d.c. ariana's aunt spoke about her niece at death and when she realized that something was wrong. >> we are devastated. the fact that my m -- niece was just barely starting to live ant they is to her. >> reporter: ariana died of blunt force trauma per the results of the autopsy. you'll recall her body wasec dposing when she was found. she was found almost a month after she was threects facing adult murder charges. we can tell you that the search
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is still on for the fourth suspectback to you. >> justin finch in palmer park. thank you. 5:03. now, surveillance video, a unique jacket, and a montgomery county police officer's sharp memory helped put a murder suspect in jail this morning. police say edras armando munoz was stabbed to dthth last m on piney branch roadlv in si spring. when witnesses described the suspect as a heavy set man in the company a woman and his distinctive jacket, it rang a ell for one oar leading to the danila f osc manzano-mora. police are asking anyone with information to contact them. today the man accused of randomly stabbing a jogger to deaths near logan circ will be in court. anthony crawford was ruledcosm competent to stand he killed wendy martinez last
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september a few blos from her home. also happenito day, a former firefighter will be sentenced for starting several fires in prince george's county. tyreek torney admitted to setting the fires after he was caught trying to burn downtl suiand high school last year. he also confessed to setting his ex-girlfriend's house on fire while she and her baby were sleeping inside. torney was a probationary member of the glendale vonteer fire association until his arrest. it's 5:05. a d.c. anc commissioner is clarifying mments he made about d.c. police following a troubling video. >> the union is accusing him of threatening police officers. this f stemsrom this video showing a combative exchange between men and officers in northeast. the officer slapped a man's phobe out of his -- phone out of his hands and pushed him a way. they were charged with assaulting a police officer. after that incident, lorenzo
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roup posted tweets, one said, "i'm telling yought now, d.c., this will be a hot summer and one of your beloved d.c. hurt." officers will get green said it was not a threat. >> speaking truth. i'm trying to warn them and let them know what is going to happen this summer if they do not change the manner that they've beenng polic in this city. >> the police union released a statement saying, quote, this veiled threat mocking fallen officers and made at a time when homicides are spiking could no bemore reckless. the statement also calls on green to step down as a commissioner. new develop nts from montgomery county after a local poce officer was caught on camera usg the "n" word. the police department is now responding to the county council's request for information. on wednesday told you that council sent a letter to the acting police chief calling for the release of footage from every responding officer's body cam, as wellas any 911 calls. yesterday police leased the following statement -- the department value openness and
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transparency in its interactions with the public. and this event is no ex we will release more information as it is developed and confirded. as stunts graduate from georgetown this weekend, the school dealing with the fallout of the admissions cheating scandal. one stun who was ex--- one student edo was expell is suing the school. we have more reaction from parents and studoots. gmorning. >> reporter: good morning. another twist in the admissions scandal that's rocked several elite universities including georgetown. one of the two studentss that expelled from georgetown has now filed a lawsuit. adam sempervivo is a junior. earlier his father pled guilty to paying $400,000 to the tennis coach to get his son special admission to georgetown. adam said he did not know about the payoff and wants to remain at the university and keep his credits. we got reaction from students
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and parents. >> i do feel that as well should be some accountability for people that got in that didn't earn ht the rigway. >> knowing what we know about the payments and them getting in under false pretenses, i feel as though georgetown isct ag appropriately. >> reporter: and georgetown university says it cannot commentsdi on pen litigation but said that each of the two expelled students has a brief window of time to appeal. back to you. >> all right. megan mcgrath live for this morning. thank you. it's 5:08. this morning the venezuelan embassy in the district is icpty. the secret se and state department special agents were moved and arrested four protesters yesterday. the group was there supporting venezuelan president maduro. the u.s. recognizes the opposion leader, juan guaido. guaido's government wanted the activists out.ey when th refused, they became
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trespassers. the venezuelan ambassador asked the u.s. to help remove them. no war. publicly and privately president trump says he does not want tensions to escalate with. iran administration officials have said recently there have been credible threats prompting the u.s. to increase its presence in the middle east. president trump says he's open to discussions with the country to de-escalate the situation there. congress has been in the dwhark it comes to discussions -- dark when it comes to discussions about iran. membe ts are expectedo be briefed next week. 5:09. this morning, democrats are pouncing on president trump's new immiation plan. house speaker nancy pelosi s,d this isquote, dead on arrival. the plan announced yesterday at the white houseaed for a merit-based immigration system. right now more than60% of immigrants get green cards because of family connections. under the proposed plan, ohe majorit immigrants would instead be educated and high-skilled workers. now people would have to pass a civics test and get points based on their age, ability to speak
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english, education, and any job offers. democrats are upset the plan does not address immigrants whoa are alre in the country illegally, as well as asylum seekers. deloping this morning, military officials say a jet crashed into a warehouse yesterday afternoon right across from the march reserve air base. the pilot along with five others on the grounds were injured. the jet was on a training mission for theh nortmerican aerospace defense commands when the pilot lost control and crashed. from the rails to the roads, your summer commute could get worse. bus drivers in alexandria are threatening to go on strike. you take a look here, eve station south of reagan national airport on the blue and yellow lines will be closing starting next saturd so metro can perform platform repairs. it's expected to last until september. to make matters worse,
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alexandria's d.a.s.h. union authorized a strike. one who wanted to remain anonymous said drivers are it unhap pay and benefits. he says a strike during the shutdown may be the right time to make a point. >> i'm broke. i don't minds striking. it's noto ging to get my situation worse. m already in the bottom, you know. >> negotiations between d.a.s.h. and the operators union are ongoing. alexandria leaders are makingns pla for more buses in the event ofst a rike. if you're trying to lose weight and nothing has worked for y, you may have thought about weight loss surgery. >> still ahead, why when you have the surgery may determine how effective it is. chuck? good morning, everyone. gardening forecast, going to beh one ofse finally good weekends to get stuff done in the yard. look at the numbers -- mid 80s tomorrow, and potential our first 90-degree day of the year on sunday. a little higher chance of an isolated storm coming up on your r sunday. youip from our friends at merrifield gardens, the flowers are all beautul right now.
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ey're easy to grow, fragrant, and perfect for in-home flower arrangements.
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welcome back. in a "news 4 your heal new study suggests weight loss m surgery be more effective when done earlier in life. the researchers at children's hospital colorado compared surgery results of obese teens to adults who had been abees since ad less -- obese since adolescence. while both had sigficant weight loss, the younger patients were more likely to have remission of high blood pressure and type-two diabetes. so this morning, we're learning about a reportth from centers for disease control concerning pool chemicals. the cdc says there were roughly 4,500 hospital vchts annually between -- visits annually betwe between 2008 and 2017 from chemicals that were inhaled including fumes and gases. if you're looking for warm weather and something fun to do this weekend, you're in luck. >> from alexandria to the
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district and maryland, news4's tommy mcfly has some suggestions for how to spend year time off. >> reporter: it's that time of year again for jazz in the e sculpturrden. the national gallery of arts sculpture garden on constitution avenue, free jazz, starts at 5:00 today. all summer long is the kickoff. many styles of jazz throughout ♪he season. >> reporter: in alexandria f sunday, theirst festival of speed and style on the waterfront in old town. more than 80 clack and exotic -- classic and exotic cars. foraore than 20 yers the fine arts festival has taken over reston town center. it ons today all through sunday. more than 200 artists from the u.s. and canada, a family arts pavillion, hands-on activities, foodand fun forhe whole family m
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family. >> we have everything from furniture, woodworking, ceramics, painting, photography, jewelry,omething for everyone. >> reporter: maybe saturday you're going to baltimore for the pre ness. the 144th running ort watching a home, enjoying a party for the preakness, don't forget, all the action right here on nbc 4 for the preakness on saturday. i'm tommy mcfly, that's what's up for reur weekend on news4. >> for more check out "the ene" in thebc washington app. 5:17. time for the friday forecast with storm team 4 meteorologist huck bell. looking good,chuck. >> it is looking good. talking about me or the yather? >>ou always look good. >> thanks. predawn glow. sun's up before 6:00 a.m. you've got to love when the early sun rises. 59 in washington. 48 in columbia, maryland. 55 in montgomery village.
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60 in hagerstown. 56 down the road in fredericksburg. we havto keep an eye, the first cluster of thunderstorms pointed at central and southwestern virginia. i do think that this is going to increase our chances for some stronger storms later in the ay. look at that little spin right there. lots of thunder and lightning before the sun's even up there near charleston, west virginia. most of that's headed toward charlottesville, roanoke, and lynchbu lynchburg. traveling that way, be o the ookout. slight risk for strong to severe storms later in the day. higher chances for that the farther southwest you live or da travel but we do at least have that opportunity all through the curse of the d.c. metro area. again, that firstuster is mainly going to miss us to the south and west. however, it will leave little boundaries hanging around the area. 3:00 in the afternoon, not much to worry about. but i do think between about 4:00 and 7:00, there certainly could be some isolated thunderstorms that pack a bit of a punch. keep that in mind. again, higher chances for that
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today in virginia, as opposed to maryland. everybody should keep a weather eye to the sky. have your nbc washington app downloaded. we have an interactive radar feature on there as well as your custom tailored storm team 4 forecast right down to the zip code. today, 85 degrees. nice and warm. there's a stray chance of a shower. tomorrow, even lower rain chances. maybe an isolated drop or two your saturda i don't think most of us will have to worry about rain on saturday at all.e mayb little isolated chance on sunday. but ooh, toasty warm, 89 degrees on sunday. melissa, if i was a little braver, i would say the first 90 of the year. >> you're brave. hiokay. i'll t about that. 89, 90. taking a look inner loop and outer loop. no issues. frederick, westbound 70 near east street, truck lost a load of gravel. two left lanes are getting by as they there try -- as they are
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trying to clean up. just a warning for you. 270 southbound, 70 to the spur, 64 miles per hour. that's going to take 28 minutes. northbound also looking quite good on 270. 66 and 95 in virginia, no problems. we'll look at more news, weather, and traffic coming up. >> thank you. uber and lyft revitalize transportation. facebook gave us a new way to communicate. >> now a new e-commerce company based here in d.c. is changing the way you frame your photos. still ahead, i'm taking you inside the new store in our area. and a reminderto check out "ellen" at 3:00 here on nbc 4. stick around for news4 at 4:00.
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welcome back at 5:23. we all have them, those special mementos and photos that we ambassador love to frame but don't want to spend a lot doing it. now a company has opened in our area exclusivelyin it's a busss that's caught the attention of one local sports star. this piece of arts more valuable than a picasso. a self-portrait my daughter painted when she was 3 yes d.
5:24 am
i love it so much. i can't part with it. >> i love. it i love the tatter. 1k37 and torn details. that adds to the aesthetic of it. >> reporter: i long wanted to frame my priceless treasure but didn't know where to start. enter framebndge, a online custom framing company based in washington. it just opened a store in bethesda. one of only two in th country. the other is on 14th stre in d.c. the process is quick and easy. >> we would take this piece and put it into the pgram on our ipad. we would be able toshow a mockup of what the finished piece would look like. >> reporter: susan tynan, the de ceo, foun the company based on that consumer need. she went to frame four national park posters herself that she had collected over the years on trips with her sister. >> at the end of the consultation, i found out they ould cost $400 each to be framed. >> reporter: that's a lot of money. >> that's a lot of mine -- lot of money. we wanted it to be transparent.
5:25 am
the moment you lay your art down on the table, you ca see how much it costs. >> reporter: she also wanted to give people an outlet to showcase the artifacts of their lives. >> we believe people should ber surded by things that matter to them. and that by leaving it in a space at tells the story, that represents highlights of your life. you'll be compelled to do more of those things. >> reporter: one mily that has . and to highlight, t loaner oshie. the capitals star and his wife worked with framebridge creative adviser and celebrity designer nate berkus to find the perfect frame for a stanley cup mem'sto. >> it the picture of us huddled around the cup. and you know, pretty -- pretty special. we don't have a lof memorial beamia hanging up. >> -- memorabiliaanging up. >> we're renovating. this will be the first piece we put up, so we're excited about f. >> pretty cool them. >> yeah, right? and they trusted framebridge with such an important piece of their lives. susan ttynan, ceo, says the customers have really taken the
5:26 am
framebridge mission to heart. you can frame anything there. rthe company has fed a ponytail, a blackberry. only the fruit -- >> the old phone -- >> to say this is what we used to use. and a full-size scrabble board with tiles that spell out "marry me." she's incredible. she is a female entrepreneur who went into this tech business where there aren't that m y women who do it. she's built this up. >> been successful. clearly. >> very cool. >> good for her. 6.5:2 chuck bell? >> all right. cute little dog here. this is hornet. only seven weeksd. ol >> too much. too cute. >> want to grab the little jow. so cute. >> look at him! >> and some of hornet's littermates are there. go to nice and dry for the walks. thafternoon and evening walks could have a little chanceor thunderstorms. we'll track out that chance coming up. plus,one-tank trip.
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a man in custody after a missing teen's body is found. who he is and why police say he was a prime suspect all along. this is egregious for the victims in this case. nd we know that there's more out there. >> flplus, phony psychologist. streeted hundreds of people until her patients figured out she was a fake. how they caught her in her own lies. and changes coming to the s.a.s. why students' stores will soon reflect where they're from and how much money you make. > first at 5:30, we're taking a liveok oside as you get this friday started it. haty from, everyone. and it is going to be a beautiful start to your day. like most fridays, though, you're going to want to keep tha umbrella hy does that sound familiar? will. >> yeah. a little sprinkle maybe. >> good morning, everyone. i'm eun yang.
5:31 am
it's all right. it's friday. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. thanks for waking up with us as we look ahead to the weekend. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck anding by with the forecast. then we'll check in with melissa mollet for a first 4 traffic update. nice to see the sun coming up is time. morning. >> absolutely. ubt. it will be up before 6:00 this morning. enjoy it, everybody. it's going to be a lot warmer around here for the next couple of days. the cool pattern is officially gone. it may be a long time before we have any stretch of cooler-than-average weather again. right now a predawn glow in the sky. again, sun's off in about 25 minutes fromw. we will be watching for a chance for storms, a hchher ance, just barely to the south an southwest. if you're traveling today toward charlottesville, richmond, lynchburg, roanoke, be on the lookout. thunderstorms are likely there. we're sort of on the periphery of any real chances for severe weather. that chance does exst for later on in the day today. higher chances for storms in
5:32 am
virginia thamaryland, but everybody should keep a weather eye to the sky in theafternoon. we're starting off in the comfortable zone. all e 50s pretty mu across the area. today's high, toasty warm 84 degrees. 40% chance o a rain stronger thunderstorms. we'll detail that and talk more about any weekend rain chances in a few. for now or to first 4 traffic. good morning, melissa. >> good morning. norbeck road ati muncaster m in rockville, a crash. part of the intersection is blocked. hopefully this gets out of the way it's not slowing things too much because it is so early. inner loop, outer loop of the tw bel, no problems. hopefully it stays that way. frederick, westbound 70 near east ltreet, a truck lost aad of gravel. two left lanes are getting by as nte cleanup effort is underway. 66, fairfax couparkway to the beltway, 63 miles per hour gets threw in nine minutes. eun? >> thank you. 5:32. new details on a maryland
5:33 am
family now, they know what happened to their daughter what went missing last month. ariana funes-diaz's body was found in a creek earlier this week. >> justin finch it live at prince george's county police headquarters why more on why police say the her murder is connected to a violent street gang. >> reporter: good mnsning. it tur out a tip led prince george's county police to the young victim's remains on wednesday. this morning we now know who that victim is, as we police think is responsible. it turnstw out o likely have ties to the street gang ms-13. first, the victim, just 14 years old. ariana funes-diaz of adelphi, maryland. she had not been seen alive since last month. police believe that she was lured to her end by four suspects that she knew. now charged with murder, 16-year-old josue fuentes-ponce, joel escobar, and cynthia hernandez-nucamen
5:34 am
hernandez-nucamendi. there are ties to ms-14. police say the trio and a fourth suspect lured -- feared other rather, that she would out them for an alleged robbery in d.c. on april7th. a day later,police say they lured her to the woods off 64th avenue in riverdale where they killed her. detectives say that ariana's death is not aig s of increased gang activity here in prince george's county. >> not noticing an uptick. it's an uptick because of receipt cases. consistently it's the same activity wear sewe've -- activity we've seen in the past. we haven't seen more criminal activity coming from ms-13 in the area. >> reporter: an autopsy ruled the cows of death as blunt -- cause of death as blunt force trauma. police still looking for a suspect. the three in custody are all
5:35 am
facingchmurder rges, first degree. they're all being charged, as well, as adults. live in palmer park, justin finch, news4, back to you. >> a sad of events on so many levels. justin, thank you. a west virginia family iso also mning the death of their 15-year-older daug today an autopsy is expected to confirm a body found in the west virginia mountains is riley crossman. her mother's boyfriend has been arrested and charged. the sheriff says andy mccauley had been a person ofsi interest e day one. crossman vanished from her berkeley springs home last week. yesterday, a body was found in e te area near the north or the top of north mountain. this morning the official search for a maryland native living in hawaii is n over with no sign of her. amanda eller has been missing since last week. take a look at the picture of her at a market. she went to the post offic to mail a mother's day package.
5:36 am
she was last seen tat the foot f a hiking trail. many are scouring the forest looking for the graduate. olice too not suspect fo play. eller's family is from st. mary's county and believe she may be inje ed. shlled herself a psychologist and hundreds went to her for treatment. it was a ruse,nd the fake doctor is in jail. sharonda avery is facing charges including practicing psychology without a license. for about six years, avery worked for a now-defunct practice called pediatric partners for attentiond learning. picious patients call police last year when they were having trouble verifying avery's background. the sheriff's office is urging other families who had contact with her to contact them right away. it's preakness weekend up the road in baltimore. pimlico is expected toye read
5:37 am
despite tlubl shut down all water at the racetrack this ee w who to bet on is fill a big question. for the first time in more than 20 years, the winner of the kentucky derby won't be competing. country house is out with an injury. maximum security, the horse that crossed the finish line first before being disqualified, isn't running either. 13 horses are on the racing holocauster. >>. if you're not head -- racing roster. >> if you're not heing there, you can watch it on nbc 4. coverage begins at 5:30 a.m. tomorrow. coming up, molette green gearing up for another one-tank trip. >> where you can go on one tank of gas and re-create history.
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i get really emotional when i think about where i was. most people don't survive blood clots on their lungs and on their heart. the last thing i heard was reroute to g w hospital. on the day that i came in and they treated me, i was the sickest person in the hospital. i was put on t m ecmo machine it savedlife. learn more about bonits's story of survivial at n b c washington dot com backslash bonita for life's defining moments the george washington univeristy hospital defining medicine.
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scientists will be the first to tell you family support is so critical that dealing with life-threatening illnesses. thight's heroes know t better than anyone. gavin lindbergh wrote to tell us about the work his wife has been doing to cheer up sick children after they lost their son to cancer. we found out that gavin is just
5:41 am
as much of hero as his wife wendy is. together they created a treat and treasures cart to give sick kids a reason to smile. >> they know it's break time, ready to have fun. we're notto there check their blood pressure or poke them with a needle. we're there to have fun. >> the lindberghs are this week's "harris' heroes," ou won't want to miss the story at 5:00 p.m. last night some of the most buzzworthy chefs in the district came together to raise money for animals. it was bite night at the national zoo. people had the chance to taste gourmet food and wine from some of the best restaurants in the city and some eat ndors, too. the veb which was an numbers -- event which was an nbc 4-sponsored event raises money to save endangered species around the world. important to remember, the zowa there for that kind of research. yes, it's great for families to see the awesome animals --
5:42 am
>>re they're doing han showing off -- >> great work. such a fun event let's turn it over to chuck bell. >> we are watching for a chance, stronger thunderstorms later on in the day officially from the good folks at the storm prediction center in norman, oak. a slight risk for severe weather. most chances are down in virginia. even suburban maryland needs to be on the lookout. four things to know, afternoon thunderstorms today, a hint of summertime starts to move in for tomorrow. not only a small chance for rain on sunday after washouts, but on sunday after washouts, but maybe near 90 degrees.
5:43 am
the big carriers are talking about their current 5g roll ouef, but their rts are limited to a few pockets in select cities
5:44 am
or trying to convince consumers that 4g is actually 5g. they're neglecting smmll towns and rural counities, leaving them on the wrong side of the digital divide. if approved, only the urmbined availableresos of t-mobile and sprint can deliver on all the spectrum bands needed to quickly bring unprecedented 5g connectivity across the nation.
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>> before the hour now. this morning, president trump is trying to tamp down talk of war with iran. >> craig boswell now with gore. d morning. what's the president saying when it comes to national security adviser jond bolton a his handling of t situation? g.>> reporter: good morn good morning, predent trump pushing back on reports that national security adviser john bolton is pushing him to conflict.
5:46 am
president trump also tamping down the war rhetoric in private. he news has confirmed that told acting defense secretary trick shanahan he does not want to go to war with iran. the war rhetoric heated up earlier in the week and for several dates when the administration cited unspecified intelligence reports that iran was planning to attack u.s. forces in the middle east. the admistration responded by evacuating, partially evacuating the embassy in baghdad. on citol hill, frustrations from law fkers. theyeel like they're being left in the there have been few briefings, no briefings until yesterday, as a matterof fact, when the so-called ng of eight, four months fromach party freceive --our members from each party, received the fir briefing ll the inteence the administration has been citing. a lotof of memberongressnt wa to know more. they're expressing skepticism. we've lstrned the fir all-iran briefg for all senato is going to be next tuesday.
5:47 am
and aaron and un, thefi house br for full will also ber latenext week. back to you guys. >> all right. craig boswell live on capitol hill. thank you. >> thank you. 5:47. students at georgetown university are celebrating graduation this weekend. we're learning mo details about how the school is dealing with the fallout over the admissions cheating >> one student who ex-pesed is -- one student who was expelled is suing the school.r: >> reportewo students were expelled after being linked to the admissions scam. now one of the students is adam sempervino completed his junior year here. earlier his father pleaded guilty to paying $400,000 to former ten is coach gordonrnst get special admission for his son. adam said he did notnow about the payoff and wants to remain
5:48 am
at the university and keep his we got reaction from several parents who students who agree with the university's decision to expel the students, but not everyone agrees. >> the student did not know, and the student has the equalingifications to get in, i -- the qualifications to get in, i think it should be considered. >> reporter: georgetown does nom cnt on ongoing pentagon litigation but says that both students have a briefly window to appeal. back to you. >> mental health outside georgetown for us. -- megan mcgrath outside georgetown for us. thanks. for many students a good s.a.t. score is a key part of getting into their dream college. changes are coming. the college board isi expand its use of an adversity score to help level the playing field. the store is between one and 100 calculated using 15 factors including the crime rate and poverty level of the students's neighborhood. the collcege board says s not factored into theve adrsity
5:49 am
score. oneigh school principal says the score helps colleges gain a full think undertanding of a -- full understanding of a student. >> when we talk about adversity score, to me that means collegea will an opportunity to get a full scope of understanding about what a key it can bring to their college campus. >> 50 colleges used the score last year dung a trial period. the college board plans to expand it to 150 universities this fall. nbcer gabe gutiez will have more on this story coming up on "today." a very difficult process. ini thit's stressful for everyone involved. >> no matter what they're looking at, right. weather day at nats park was a hit. or yeah, storm team 4 and telemundo meteologists were all over the ballpark. chuck, lauren, g, amelia, samarra and joseph -- >> lauren weapons that there twice. >> they were helping the kids the weather we get. you see doug showing off his
5:50 am
skills, throwing out the first up and you ow to make this day each more perfect, n ts won. everybody wins. >> all around great day. >> yeah. looking good. >> you were driving a tractor out there. >> it was so much fun. city devilers, i don't have a -- city dwellers, i don't have a yard to mow.r. >> the h. people were worried. chuck on a tractor? as, no. >> there no blade juthneath it. it was there to even --ea unde it. it there was to even the dirt. for a friday morning, what a nice looking sky. sunrise literally ve orsi pxre. going to be a great day to spend quality time in the great outdoors. keep the weather out of the sky in the afternoon. there will be a chance of scattered thunderstorms today. the highest chances will be across northern and central
5:51 am
virginia. even the maryland suburbs have a chance. right now, 59 in washington. 55 in gaithersburg. 59 at marine baseua qico. if i further, a comfort -- for friday, a comfortable start, more than enough sshine the first part of the day. temperatures in the mid80s, yes, indeed, mid 80s. 40% chance later in the day. already one pretty active cluster of storms moving into parts of west virginia. most of tt will be missing us, arely to the south. however, culpeper, fauquier county, parts of the shenandoah valley, on the loout. the first chance will be barely to the south and west of us. however, everybody in the d.c. metro area is uheer t slight risk for strong to severe storms later in the day today. keep that in mind. isslight risk step two out of five on the level of -- threat leap e level from the storm prediction ceer. scattered, strong to fortunateliy severe storms.
5:52 am
we'll keep you posted. have your nbc washington app ready to go. 85 barely a chance for rain. a slight chance of a shoulder on sunday and then monday. it will feel like summertime. next weekend, mollet moment, that's memorial day weekend. >> isn't it? looks good. right now chopper 4 over bw parkway. northbound, southbound, everything looks good.hb the folks sond headed to the beltway. we're showing you from above, no major issues. in rockville, had an earlier crash. car on the scene partially blocking the intersection. a warning if you're headed out soon. westbound 70 near e street, a truck lost a load of gravel. so just two left lanes getting by. the slup on the right. looking at the beltway, inner loop, noor inches on the beltway -- no major inches on the beltway now. 95 north, quantico to the beltway, 64 mileper hour.
5:53 am
taking 19 minutes. both looking good. also looking good, 270 and top of the attach no complaints there. >> thank you. ifatou're looking how you can get away without hurting your pocketbooks and your pockets if you don't have a poet book, aaron, the news4 team has you covered. molette green and irene johnson are showing where you can go on one tank of gas. a few weeks ago they hit chincoteague island. >> nowar they checking the history-rich location. they're at the moo thru. molette? >> reporter: good morning. welcome to fauquier county. [ cheers ] look at this big crowd that came out to the moo thru through route 29. they're here for the ice cream we're going tin be eatg. chase is holding up ice cream on top of a doughnut. we'll talk about that in just a second.
5:54 am
can i just say to fauquier counti, everybody here, for showing up big. we've got sheriff moser and his deputies all around. hanging out with us. we've got the agriculture officer, ray pickering. so many people from the town who -- the town of warrento the hard-working trick. ty're getting ready for the spring festival which is tomorrow. okay. right? [ applause ] let's talk about this ice cream business, okay. what's your tag its line, ken single digit. >> real ice cream from real dairy farmers right here in fauquier county. >> reporter: i love that. this is why people love coming. how many people every year? >> 300,000 people visit ever year. >> reporter: pretty good numbers, right? [ applause ] we've got the myor of warrenton here with us, carter neville to tabout why this is a greatest destination for a one-tank trip. >> fauquier countytis the most ful county in the state of virginia. we haveefaal dai wy haver hikin
5:55 am
adops, you can get it done in one day and ack in time for the evening news. >> repyeter: oh, . when we come to your store, i want to talk about that. there's something that you sell besides jewelry. hold off, i want our anchors to see this. take a look. >> okay. fors nnchor him, what are you trying to say? >> trying to say if you want that rich 1970s c iowa f, the pompadour that says "i know the news," there's something here for you. >> news anchor hair wash? >> i need that right now. > rreporter: there it isght there. it's the news anchonor hard wash thick ir. you know we always worry about our hair. >> there you did g grrchlt
5:56 am
than-- there you if. we'll is more coming up in the next half hour. good morning, i'm frank holland at nbccnbc headquarters. taco bell is taking over a resort in palm gssprin california. reservations open up in june. guests can check in starting august 9th. the bell will finish a gift shop with exclusive taco bell-themed apparel can hair and nail styling services. this is not the first time that taco bell has invited customers to stay thenight. in 2016 it seemed one airbnb to reward people with an overstay at a location in canada. what do you think about? a chalupa >> thanks, thank you. the crazy thing is people will do it, too. why the timing of weighs lot surgery may make it more effective. >> i'm taking you
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
happening right now on "news4 today," hard landing. a military plane crashes through the roof of an wse while people were inside. a rough combo as portions of metro prepare to shut d wn for
6:00 am
the summer. some local bus drivers consider going on strike. >> that's a lot of money -- >> a lot of money. revolutionizing the frame sime. we're taking you i the new e company right here in d.c. that's offering a cheaper, faster way to display your favorite memories. >> look at that. >> how about that? that's "lion ffking" stu right there -- ♪ >> we didn't pay for that. chopper 4 kicking things off on this fridaymorning. the beautiful sunrise. bright orange light shining in the sky there. >> who should we lift up to the sun? >> i got you. good orning, everyone, 6:00 a.m., i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. let's begin with a check on the forecast and commute. melissa mollet is standingby with your first 4 traffic. >> we begin, though, with


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